Please Save My Earth Vol. 7

please save my earth vol. 7

Summary: The others are remembering their passwords and growing suspicious of “Shion.” Rin’s cancellation of his engagement to Alice has caused her to consider that she might be Mokuren. Everything’s going according to Rin’s plan….or so he thinks! Tamura’s connections are beginning to come into play. His friend’s psychic brother, Mikuro, has paid a visit to Haruhiko, leaving him a mysterious warning about the physical strain of teleporting. What harm might come from his benign advice?

Review: In my honest opinion, I believe that Please Save My Earth is one of the most underrated shoujo manga out there. Honestly, there’s not enough love for such a fantastic sci-fi/shoujo manga. If you haven’t picked it up yet, you should soon! Some of the volumes are slowly coming out of print.

The first thing we learn in this volume is that Shion (aka Rin’s passed life) homeland was turned into a burned field. Accidently,Mokuren touched Shion, which allowed her to see into Shion’s past.  Shion being the a**hole that he is, told Mokuren that is it her job as a Kiche Sarjalian to violate his memories? Mokuren than apologizes, and runs off.

In the present life, Haru is shocked to recieve a letter from a person named “M” (aka Mikuro) and starts to believe that he might be linked to S (Rin). When Rin decided to check up on Haru, he stupidly asked Rin who the heck M was, and why he was sending other psychics after him. Rin then replies that there was no need for a second psychic to work with him, and that Haru was stupid enough to let Rin know about this information. Haru then rushes home to call Tamura to warn him to take Takashi and M and run away. Later on, Takashi recieves what he believes as a love note from a girl (which was really written by Rin to lure out Tamura). Tamura being the hero that he thinks he is, went and met Rin alone. Rin then threatens him and tells him he has two choices in the way he dies: getting crushed by a huge rock, or drowning in a force field full of water. But before any harm could be done to Tamura, Mikuro comes out and declares that he will fight his first psychic fight with Rin. But being inexprienced with psychic fighting, Mikuro and Tamura was about to die, when someone (who suspiciously looks like Haru) comes and blocks the attack.

On a side note, Alice decides to join the weekly meetings that all the others have been attending regarding their past life, after Jipachi convinced Alice that she was afterall Mokuren.

Conclusion: Another excellent volume of PSME. Is it me or Rin is kind of freaky? I mean how many 7 years old could life rocks and threaten to kill people? One thing for sure is that he’s definitely moving the plot….plus, finally some action!

Overall Grade: A


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