Basara Vol. 6

basara6Summary: After Sarasa and Shuri are separted in the flood, a shocking battle takes place and important secrets are revealed. In Seiran, Sarasa helps the rebels with the flood recovery effort and is reminded that no matter how hard she pretends otherwise she is still an ordinary girl. Asagi stages his own mock execution and Sarasa saves him, He is taken back to the ship where Nagi nurses his wounds, but Sarasa begins to suspect foul play.

Review: After reading this volume of Basara, I have to admit that this is probably one of the best shoujo manga out there. Every character is well developed, and the main herione is braver than most shoujo heroines.

Shuri (The Red King) learns that his real brother is Asagi (The Blue King) and decides to start back at square one. Asagi stages his own execution in order for Sarasa to save him. He is later brought to the ship, where Nagi treats his wounds. We later learn that Asagi wishes to use Sarasa as a tool to kill his own brothers, and eventually rule japan. A long the way Asagi learns that Tatara is actually Sarasa. He also learns that Sarasa and Shuri are madly in love and that they probably don’t know each other’s real identity. Asagi sends his servants (The Four Virtues) to spy on his brothers. One of his servant (Plum) tipped Asho that Kazan is holding Sarasa’s mother hostage in his home. Shuri laters questioned Kazan about it and he denies the accusation of holding Sarasa’s mother in his house. He is then ordered to go to Kumano to attend the fake Blue King’s funeral. Fearing that Sarasa’s mother would be captured, he takes her to Kumano as well. Sarasa and the gang follows Kazan to Kumano in order to save her mother.

Conclusion: I wished Ageha warns Sarasa about what Asagi is planning to do. I also wished that there were more Shuri x Sarasa’s scenes, just because they are so cute together. All in all, this was another excellent volume towards the series. I can’t wait to pick up the next volume. ^^

Overall Grade: A+


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