Monkey High Vol. 3

monkeyhigh3Summary: Haruna Aizawa thinks that school life is just like a monkey mountain-all the monkeys form cliques, get into fights, and get back together again. The school that she just transferred to is no exception. There’s even a boy called Macharu Yamashita who reminds her of a baby monkey!

On Valentine’s Day, it’s no surprise that playboy Atsu gets plenty of chocolates from fawning girls. But everyone’s shocked when a heart-shaped box is found on Macharu’s desk-especially since it’s not from Haruna! Does Macharu have a secret admirer?

Review: This manga definitely doesn’t share the same type of heroine that most Shoujo manga do. I actually like Haruna very much. She is strong, knows what she wants, and she isn’t wishy washy. But at the same time, she is still a girl who has feelings as well. If we’re talking about not having a typical heroine, how about the hero? Macharu, is definitely not the type you normally see in shoujos these day. I mean, he’s short, and definitely not a Bishounen. lol. They are a weird couple that actually works well together.

In this volume, it’s Valentines Day. Even though it’s not a really big deal in North America, In Japan it’s almost like a national holiday. Girls would stay up all night baking/making chocolates for the one they love. On White day, which is a month later, they will then in turn receive presents from the guys who received the chocolates. Nobody thinks that Haruna is the type to give chocolates. Especially when Haruna thinks that Valentines is a stupid holiday. She was being a hypocrite because in her bag was a box of chocolate that was meant for Macharu. 

But behold! Macharu received a box of chocolate in his desk from a secret admirer! The gang shocked at the revelation of Macharu receiving chocolates, decided to try to figure out who it is. But Macharu didn’t really care about the admirer, the only chocolate that he wanted to receive was from Haruna. But of course, because of the mysterious box of chocolates that Macharu received, Haruna finds it hard to give hers to him.

A whole bunch of mishaps happens with the Student Council, who also lost their chocolates. Haruna felt uncomfortable around the girls of the student council, because she feared that one of them gave Macharu the chocolate. So she ask Macharu, if they could leave. The whole gang starts to make a fuss about it, which ends up in Haruna yelling at them. One of them commented on how Macharu might not be getting a box this year. Macharu then replied, “It’s okay, I don’t really want one anyways.” Which caused Haruna to storm out.

We later find out that, this whole mix up was caused by Sakura, a girl in the Student Council. It seems that the chocolate in Macharu’s desk was actually for the President. Haruna and Macharu makes up, now that Haruna knows that they box of chocolate wasn’t for Macharu. While they were walking home Haruna gives chocolate to Macharu. He then said, “I was waiting for this all day.” Haruna then asked him why he said he didn’t want it in the first place. Macharu then replied, “It defeats the purpose of getting chocolate from someone you love.”

Conclusion: Their relationship is really cute. Even though Macharu is a shorty, he is still like a prince charming for Haruna. Even though Atsu may have the height and looks, he doesn’t compare to Macharu in terms of endearing character. 

Overall Grade: B


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 18

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 18Summary: In the world of Infinity, Princess Sakura has become a Chess Master and the other travelers are her pieces. But the Mafia is running the game, and they don’t care if Sakura’s opponents break the rules or murder Sakura’s companions! Why is Sakura so determined to risk everything?

Review: Before I start my review, I’ll let you guys know that when I say C-Syaoran, I mean Clone Syaoran, and R-Syaoran means Real Syaoran.

This is personally one of my favourite manga. This volume was filled with angst. The last few volumes turned this series suddenly into a drama-packed story. C-Syaoran becomes haywire searching for sakura’s feathers. While Sakura, on the other hand, is fighting an inner battle to find the difference between the two Syaorans. 

C-Syaoran leaves a country in turmoil, after destroying it in order to obtain a feather. Soon after, Sakura and her companions, land in the country which C-Syaoran just destroyed. Mistaken for his other self, R-Syaoran ends up getting beat up by the citizens of that country.  Sakura blocks off the attacks, and begs Mokona to transport them to a new country. Sakura and gang lands in the world of Infinity, which is ran by a mafia. She then becomes a Chess Master, and her companions, chess pieces. Stricken with guilt over the other worlds’ demised, Sakura ask Yuko for help. If she wins the prize money that is offer for this game, Yuko must send the money to the destroyed country in order to compensate for the damage done. Sakura’s will allows the team to win every match. The Mafia leader, sense that Sakura is a strong person, so he wished to test her strength. The next battle involved the other opponents cheating. R-Syaoran realizes that Sakura really wants to win, so he went against odds and ended up winning the match for the team. 

Back at their apartment, Fail receives a telepathic message from Chi, which states, “His Majesty is awake…”

Conclusion: To tell you the truth, I have sympathy for R-Syaoran. He has become a lost soul because Sakura refuses to see him as Syaoran. In the princess memories, all she sees is the Syaoran that traveled with her in search of her feathers. The Syaoran of her past, she does not remember because with the ability to travel through the worlds, Sakura lost the ability to remember the person that she loves the most. To the Syaoran that she is with now seems, like a whole different person, regardless of the fact that they both share the same features, voice, and personality. Because of that, She is very cold towards R-Syaoran. I understand what Sakura is going through, but couldn’t she be a little more nice to R-Syaoran? I mean that guy is doing everything he could in order for Sakura to realize her dream. He protects, and loves her, just like the C-Syaoran. I know that Sakura doesn’t remember him, but why must she be so cold? 

On a side note, What is going to happen to Fai? The person that he was running away from, has finally awoken. I do not know why he was running away, but it seems like there’s something fishy behind it. 

Overall Grade: B+

Basara Vol. 7

basara7Summary: The Red King’s forces have been defeated. The twisted Blue King is dead. Just as the rebellion gains momentum, shocking news distracts Sarasa – her mother is alive and General Kazan’s prisoner! Setting their larger goals aside, Tatara’s allies unite in a quest to resue Tatara’s mother.

Review: Wow. This was one hell of an epic volume. The only thing it lacks was some Shuri x Sarasa action. Which I don’t mind because the plot wouldn’t be developed if Shuri got in the way. lol. Asagi, even though he’s evil, got to admit, he’s pretty brilliant. He would sugest a plan, and then he would destroy it in a blink of an eye. He’s an evil guy, but still awesome at the same time.

So this volume consists of Tatara trying to save her mother from the evil cutches of General Kazan. But he isn’t really evil though, in fact, he loves Tatara’s mother. Asagi hinted to Kazan that Tatara put sleeping potion into their soup, and warns him and his army not to eat it. It’s funny because, Asagi is the person that sugested putting sleeping powder in the soup. Tatara and friends ended up being surrounded by the Red King’s Army.

At the same time, Shuri was furious at Kazaan for housing Tatara’s mother behind his back. He gather up his army and attempts to assasinate Kazan. His real motive is to burn down Kumano, because it was a land that was govern by King Ukon. Tatara’s eyes ends up damaged, and Chacha duels Kazaan. Zaki then takes Tatara to safety, and rushes back to try to save Chacha. Tatara has a strong sense of protection for her allies, so regardless of her damaged eyes, she ride her horse back and rescues both Chacha and Zaki. I got to admit, when Zaki threw Chacha to safety, and the floor below him start to fall apart….I thought that he was a goner. Remember in the last volume where the old woman predicted that either Zaki or Chacha will die? My heart leapt when Tatara jumped into the collapsing building in order to saved Zaki.

Basara tends to have a lot of epic deaths, such as Tatara’s family, Shido, and the fake Blue King. But by far Kazan’s death is what got to me the most. Kazan loved Tatara’s mother. She even admitted that Kazan was a good man. He lied to Shuri, in order to protect his love from dying. In the end, he commited seppuku. My heart actually cried a little, because the person that beheaded him was Tatara’s mother herself. What’s more epic then dying for love? Even though Kazaan is technically the enemy, I felt sorry for his death.

On a side note, Sarasa missed out on seeing who the Red King really is. Thank God, if I had a way, I would make sure she would never find out…

Conclusion: I’m on a Basara high right now. I never felt the need to read the next volume as much as I want to read it now. The love between Shuri and Sarasa is fantastic, but what really pulls me into their world is the plot. I never tought that I would enjoy a fantasy based manga this much!

Overall Grade: A+

Please Save My Earth Vol. 8

pleasesavemyearth8Summary: Young Psychi Haruhiko has unknowingly failed to intercept his revealing letter to Tamura. The letter convinces Mrs. Yakushimaru t allow her sons, including the psychic Mikuro, to aid Tamura. But when Mikuro mysteriously slips Haruhiko a warning, Haruhiko thinks he’s Rin’s ally. ONce he sees the note, Rin calls out Tamura and Mikuro. Into the middle of the resulting psychic battle enters Haruhiko. Can he convince Rin to stop? Will his diseased heart survive if he doesn’t?

Review: In this volume, we learn of Shion’s life when he was younger. I got to admit that he had a tough one. Rin, (Shion reincarnated form) has a tough life too. After losing his battle with Mikuro, Rin ends up really wounded. He was then admitted to the hospital under the pretense of being hit by a car. During his stay at the hospital, Rin saw Shion’s past life through his dreams.

We learn that when Shion was a little boy, he killed some soldiers in order to stay alive. He was later rescued as a war orphan. He was place in an orphanage where he was taught the importance of Sarjalim. Shion didn’t believe that Sarjalim exists. He was also consider a rebel, and was bully because he was a war orphan. During his time in the orphanage, Shion discovered that he has the power of a Sarches (which I believe is someone who could teleport.) He was later adopted by a veeda named Lazlo. Lazlo had a giant cat named Kyaa….let me tell you he’s really kawaii and a bit freaky at the same time. lol. For the first time of his life, Shion felt love. Lazlo explained, “Maybe right now you don’t view me as a father, but if we keep trying at it, eventually we be family”. Shion’s happiness was shortlived though. Lazlo and Kyaa later dies in a car accident.

Fastforward into the future, and Shion is now a teenager. He is befriended by Gyokuran. But because of his past, he finds it hard to trust Gyokuran. He tells Shukaido that he believes that the only reason Gyokuran is with him to look like a saint. He’s not really Shion’s friend and that he never really cared for what Shion believed in.

To tell you the truth, I believe Shion’s mind is infested by his past of unhappiness. He never felt love, and when he did, he ended up losing it. I believe that Gyokuran has genuinely wants to be Shion’s friend.

Conclusion: Rin has the making of the perfect villian. His dark past, his twisted mind and his evil schemes are the making of a villian. Even after this volume, I don’t have sympathy for him. I don’t know this for sure, but I believe that Shion’s engagement to Mokuren has something fishy attached to it. A man filled with hatred, simply can’t fall in love.

Overall Grade: A