Please Save My Earth Vol. 8

pleasesavemyearth8Summary: Young Psychi Haruhiko has unknowingly failed to intercept his revealing letter to Tamura. The letter convinces Mrs. Yakushimaru t allow her sons, including the psychic Mikuro, to aid Tamura. But when Mikuro mysteriously slips Haruhiko a warning, Haruhiko thinks he’s Rin’s ally. ONce he sees the note, Rin calls out Tamura and Mikuro. Into the middle of the resulting psychic battle enters Haruhiko. Can he convince Rin to stop? Will his diseased heart survive if he doesn’t?

Review: In this volume, we learn of Shion’s life when he was younger. I got to admit that he had a tough one. Rin, (Shion reincarnated form) has a tough life too. After losing his battle with Mikuro, Rin ends up really wounded. He was then admitted to the hospital under the pretense of being hit by a car. During his stay at the hospital, Rin saw Shion’s past life through his dreams.

We learn that when Shion was a little boy, he killed some soldiers in order to stay alive. He was later rescued as a war orphan. He was place in an orphanage where he was taught the importance of Sarjalim. Shion didn’t believe that Sarjalim exists. He was also consider a rebel, and was bully because he was a war orphan. During his time in the orphanage, Shion discovered that he has the power of a Sarches (which I believe is someone who could teleport.) He was later adopted by a veeda named Lazlo. Lazlo had a giant cat named Kyaa….let me tell you he’s really kawaii and a bit freaky at the same time. lol. For the first time of his life, Shion felt love. Lazlo explained, “Maybe right now you don’t view me as a father, but if we keep trying at it, eventually we be family”. Shion’s happiness was shortlived though. Lazlo and Kyaa later dies in a car accident.

Fastforward into the future, and Shion is now a teenager. He is befriended by Gyokuran. But because of his past, he finds it hard to trust Gyokuran. He tells Shukaido that he believes that the only reason Gyokuran is with him to look like a saint. He’s not really Shion’s friend and that he never really cared for what Shion believed in.

To tell you the truth, I believe Shion’s mind is infested by his past of unhappiness. He never felt love, and when he did, he ended up losing it. I believe that Gyokuran has genuinely wants to be Shion’s friend.

Conclusion: Rin has the making of the perfect villian. His dark past, his twisted mind and his evil schemes are the making of a villian. Even after this volume, I don’t have sympathy for him. I don’t know this for sure, but I believe that Shion’s engagement to Mokuren has something fishy attached to it. A man filled with hatred, simply can’t fall in love.

Overall Grade: A


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