B.o.d.y. Vol. 1

Warning!!!! Reading this blog will lead to some spoilers!!! So beware if you wish to continue!

BODY1Summary: Everyone thinks 16-year-old Ryoko has weird taste in guys because she can’t stop drooling over Ryunosuke, the strong silent type who sits next to her in class. When she discovers he works for a host club — where women actually pay men to date them — will she finally wise up? Only one thing’s for sure in B.O.D.Y. — you can’t put a price on love!

Review: So this one is filled to brim with cliche shoujo plot devices. But there’s something about it that makes me wanting to read more and more. So the basic premises of this manga is that girl falls in love with a boy, but to her horror he works at a host club, and also happens to be one of those guys that rakes in the money.

Ryoko, was pretty much in love with him, when they go to school together. Simply because, he was a pretty dilligent student, plus, he was the strong and silent type. Because of that, her friends pretty much hated on her for liking strange guys. One day while walking home from a kareoke bar, she spots a guy who looks very similar to Ryunosuke, and at first didn’t think that they were the same person. But against all odds, it was!

Pretty much disgusted at his line of work, Ryuko decides not to like Ryunosuke no more. But because of that, Ryunosuke wants to make her his girlfriend. Personality crashes, a lot of fighting, and Ryujo still doesn’t fall for any of Ryunosuke’s tricks.  Eventually another guy comes in her life, which she thinks is the most perfect guy for her. But guess what? He only wanted to get close to her in order to meet Ryunosuke who he has a crush on. Yep, if it doesn’t sum it all, he’s gay! The end of the volume, sums up with Ryunosuke stealing Ryoko’s first kiss. In a frenzy, Ryoko storms out of Ryunosuke’s house.

Conclusion: As you can see, when I said there are a lot of plot cliches in this manga, it doesn’t really go against the story at all. In fact, it makes it kind of an interesting read. I wasn’t one bit bored of the volume at all, to my surprise. Because without all the cliches, this will just be one of those boring and forgetful reads, that you have wasted your time on. All in all, for a cliche ridden manga, it has definitely gotten my attention.

Overall Grade: C+


Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 19

Warning!!!! Reading this blog will lead to some spoilers!!! So beware if you wish to continue!

Tsubasa vol. 19Summary: The Mafia-run world of Infinity would be a dangerous place even without the death-defying “chess” tournament that Princess Sakura and her companions have entered. But Sakura has decided to risk everything, even her friends’ lives — for the contest’s secret prize.

Review: I’m a little bit tired of the way Sakura is acting. She’s being quite selfish right now. She doesn’t tell her friends the reason why they’re in this competition, so that they won’t hold her back when the time comes for her to use the secret prize. The way she treats the real Shaoyran is annoying me too. I understand that the Shaoyran she remembers in her new memories is the clone. But her old memories are all of the real Shaoyran, even though he’s blocked off. Couldn’t she be a bit more sympathetic?

This volume kicks off from where it left off in the pervious volume. Sakura and the team, has made it to the last battle. But before that occurred, The Mafia leader, questions Sakura’s motives for being in this competition. Money is one thing, but the thing Sakura really wants is the ability to travel by herself to a different dimension. Sakura’s plans are unknown to her fellow travelers, even though I suspect Fai might know something about it. In the final battle, each team is only allowed to put one player on the board. Shaoyran volunteers, even though Sakura told him the other night to have his own freedom. It turns out that the person or thing he was to battle with was an Automata. In an epic battle, Shaoyran ends up winning by a slim chance. Afterwards, Sakura’s wish to travel alone is granted. But before that happens, a curse that was layed on Fai in the past caused him to go beserk and stabbed the princess. Fortunately, Sakura made it in time to the other dimension, unharmed.

Conclusion: Wow, is this manga as epic as ever? I never seen a manga turned so dark so fast. I still enjoyed this manga quite a bit, even though Sakura kind of pissed me off this whole volume. I wonder what will happen to the team, now that a vital part of their party is gone?

Overall Grade: A

Skip Beat Vol. 18

42014-sb18_superSummary: Kyoko hasn’t had a Love Me Section job in a while, and this newest assignment is pushing her limits. She’s now the personal assistant to Koo Hizuri, a Japanese actor turned Hollywood star, and everyone knows how assistants are treated in hollywood! Can Kyoko see past Koo’s meanness, or will he just make her demons worse?!

Review: As I’ve stated in my last post, Skip Beat! is my favourite shoujo right now. I can’t tell you how excited I get when a new volume of Skip Beat comes out! Thank God, it comes out every two months, because I don’t think I can deal with the wait and probably I will result to reading scans.

In this volume, Kyoko becomes an assistant to Koo Hizuri, a Japanese actor turned Hollywood star. At first Koo seems to be one of those snotty celebrities that treats their assistants like crap. But in reality he’s just a doting father.

Koo gives Kyoko an assignment to honed her acting skills. She must act as his son for a day. After a very long list of personality traits that describes Koo’s son, Kyoko finds it almost impossible to protray him. She gave up in trying to personate him, and decides to act as the most perfect person she knows, Corn.

Not to be mean, but I somehow find Kyok to be an idiot. Koo tells her that his son’s name is Kuon. Kyoko being the idiot that she is, does not link that Corn and and Kuon is the same person! Even their names are pronounce the same. Another thing that bothers me about Kyoko is that she is oblivious to Ren’s love for her. How can she not tell? How often does a top star calls someone, unless he/she must like them? Oh Kyoko, if it wasn’t for the plot, I would have smack some sense into her head already. lol.

Anyways, it turns out that Kyoko protrays Koo’s son perfectly. The only problem was that she protrayed him as a ten year old, instead of a 15 year old, which is the age that Koo last saw his son. As for who Koo’s soon is, I will not spoil it for you guys. But you should already know who it is by now. lol

Conclusion: The only thing that was bad about this volume (it wasn’t that bad actually) was the lack of Ren and Kyoko scenes. There relationship doesn’t seem to be moving yet, partially due to Kyoko’s lact of attention of the people who’s around her. Sho, on the other hand, is taking Kyoko’s challenge seriously. He consistantly release number one hits, one right after another. Kyoko hasn’t realize that Sho probably still likes her. It’s quite obvious. But will Sho win her heart back? Who knows? Kind of feel bad for the guy, because he has some tough competition in winning Kyoko’s heart back.  Hopefully, next volume would provide me with more Ren x Kyoko scenes.

Overall Grade: A

Orange Planet Vol. 1

20080115214543Summary: Like a lot of girls, Rui has boy problems. But most girls would be thrilled to have a problem like hers: There are too many boys in love with her! First there’s Taro, the adorable boy next door. Then there’s Eisuke, a teaching intern who’s just too hot to handle. And finally, Kaoru-the one boy who just may hold the key to Rui’s heart.

Review: The cover for this manga pulled me in. I know it’s wrong to judge a  book by its cover, but I couldn’t help it! Being an avid fan of shoujo, the cover + summary just screamed out to me.

Orange Planet is about a girl named Rui. When she was younger her parents died in an accident. On her birthday she met a boy who told her that her parents are the brightest star in the night sky. Later on, he gives her a bear, and tells her to write to him every time she is sad.

Years later, Rui finds herself falling in love with one of her classmate, Kaoru. But at the same time her neighbour/childhood friend has raging crush on her (it’s so obvious, but she can’t tell). Only to make matters worse, her teaching intern, Eisuke, suddenly crashes at her house. It doesn’t help that he also is a womanizer.

Right now, I’m kind of rooting for Eisuke. I’ve always been the type to like older guys. Even though he is a womanizer, his personality is kind and sincere. Plus, I feel that he’s someone linked to the little boy that Rui met when she was little. Why else would he crash at her house?

 Conclusion: Orange Planet is one of those fluffy shoujos. But there seems to be something about it that makes it special and sets it apart from other shoujos I’ve read in the past. It doesn’t beat Skip Beat, which is my current favourite shoujo, but it’s definitely a great manga to pick up. 

Overall Grade: B

Trinity Blood Vol. 6

51VF3Qn4yEL__SL500_AA240_Summary: Sister Esther and Abel finaly reconcile in the after math of Radu’s devestating attack. As Ion slowly recovers and copes with his best friend’s betrayal, the party finally reaches the capital of the Methuselah Empire…. only to discover that even within the glorious city, they are anything but safe!

Review: I come to enjoy this story quite a bit. At first I was a bit skeptical about this story, because it seems so out of my element because normally, I perfer to read things closer to the shoujo side of manga. lol. After  a lot of begging and nagging, I finally cave in and started reading it.

In this volume, we get to see Esther and Abel reconciling. In the last volume, Esther sees Abel in his Crusnik form, and got terrified. I actually perfer him in his crusnik form because he just seems so much cooler. lol. There was also a pretty epic scene involving a priest floating in the scene. lol. He was just floating there, pass out, until Abel, Ion and Esther saved him. lol. I had to lol at that part.

Is it me or is the majority of men in this story happen to be bishounen? As the story continues, I happen to become the fan of Ion, who is just too kawaii to talk about. lol When Ion confessed his love for Esther, I just had to giggle. lol.

Now to get back into track, this volume involves a big scandal. Ion was charged with the murder of his grandmother, which he didn’t commit. The Queen, who somehow knew about this, asked her aide, Lady Astharoshe to house the Abel and his crew. There seems to be some kind of organization that is set on destroying something. What that something is, I’m not quite sure yet. But we do know that Radu, Ion’s best friend/traitor was involved with this organization.

Conclusion: I have quite a few more volumes of this series, in my to read pile. So expect to see quite a few more reviews about Trinity Blood coming your way.

Overall Grade: B

One Thousand and One Nights vol. 2

1001nights_2Summary: I’s the second night and our unusual Shahrazad tells yet another story to save his own life from the mad sultan. This time it’s a tragic  love story between a beauty from an exotic Eastern Kingdom, and a slave from a far away Western Kingdom.

Review: I had a very hard time finding this volume. I ended up buying it from indigo/chapters store online. I didn’t mind the time it took to find it though because coming into volume two, I realize that it was totally worth it.

The thing about this manhwa is that I’m not sure if it’s BL or just shoujo. Sometimes it hints at just being a regular shoujo…then a scene in volume two would pop up and I would think it’s BL. lol. Either way, regardless of this confusion, the story is still pretty much great.

In this volume, the “mad” sultan got captured by a group of rebels. The leader of the group happens to be a childhood friend of Shahrazad. Apparently he use to love Laila (another childhood friend) who was unfortunately one of the women that were excecuted by the Sultan. While the Sultan was in prison, Shahrazad decides to tell him another story.

I actually liked this story quite much. I’ve always been a sucker for ancient historical stories. Basically the story is about a slave who was left in a foreign country, and an exotic beauty who falls in love with each other. During the relationship, things happen and the exotic beauty finds herself falling in love with the prince of her country. The slave finds out about it, and commited suicide.

To tell you the truth, I don’t understand  what the relationship is with the story and the sultan. Up to now, all of Shahrazad’s stories have been a sad one. Is it suppose to be a lesson for the Sultan? Who Knows?

Conclusion: Even though there is a little bit of confusion running along this story, I still find myself enjoying it quite a lot. I find myself liking all the stories that Shahrazad tells the sultan. I guess it was worth the search for this volume. lol.

Overall Grade: B

Beauty Pop vol. 10 [end]

Kiritori8Summary: It’s time for the final match in the All-Japan Beauty Tournament, but Narumi and Ochiai are increasingly at odds with each other as they fight over Kiri. Can the Scissors Project win under such circumstances?

Review:It’s finally the end of a such a wonderful series. I waited patiently for a whole year for the last volume to come out, and let me say, it was totally worth it. I don’t know what it is about Make Over stories, but I always find that I’m always pulled into the story.  Kiri, the main character in Beauty Pop, is definitely my favourite character. Even though she remained emotionless for the majority of the story, she always cared for everyone around her.

In the finals, of the competition, Kiri ended up with a fever, after chasing Billy in the rain. On the other hand, the Sp team were struggling with the competition. Narumi’s arm/hand was injured and he found it hard to hold a pair of siscors. Also, the menancing schemes of his father was no help. Kiri appears in the nick of time to save the day, even though her fever has reached passed 102 degrees. The model who was hired for the SP team, felt ill during the middle of the competition (which we later learn that Narumi’ s father has planned it.) Even with all the obstacles that occured, Sp team manage to win the competition. 

A couple of days later, Kiri tells everyone she’s moving to America to live with her mother. At this point, I was a bit sad/upset that Narumi never step up his game and confess to Kiri how he really felt. But right when Kiri was about to board the plane, he redeemed himself. He tells Kiri (while hugging her), “Keep improving your skills until I fly out there and be with you.”  10 years later, we learn that Kiri and Narumi had a happy ending.

Another thing that I liked about this ending is that we get to see a glimpse of the future. What everyone grew up to be. There were some LOL match ups in turn of some characters like…Chisami-chan and Iorin getting married…lol.

Conclusion: This manga was a fun read, the ending was satisfying. But I wish there was more chemistry + more romance between the two main characters. Narumi should have made the move on Kiri at least 4 volumes ago, oppose to the last volume. 

Overall Grade: B

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