One Thousand and One Nights vol. 2

1001nights_2Summary: I’s the second night and our unusual Shahrazad tells yet another story to save his own life from the mad sultan. This time it’s a tragic  love story between a beauty from an exotic Eastern Kingdom, and a slave from a far away Western Kingdom.

Review: I had a very hard time finding this volume. I ended up buying it from indigo/chapters store online. I didn’t mind the time it took to find it though because coming into volume two, I realize that it was totally worth it.

The thing about this manhwa is that I’m not sure if it’s BL or just shoujo. Sometimes it hints at just being a regular shoujo…then a scene in volume two would pop up and I would think it’s BL. lol. Either way, regardless of this confusion, the story is still pretty much great.

In this volume, the “mad” sultan got captured by a group of rebels. The leader of the group happens to be a childhood friend of Shahrazad. Apparently he use to love Laila (another childhood friend) who was unfortunately one of the women that were excecuted by the Sultan. While the Sultan was in prison, Shahrazad decides to tell him another story.

I actually liked this story quite much. I’ve always been a sucker for ancient historical stories. Basically the story is about a slave who was left in a foreign country, and an exotic beauty who falls in love with each other. During the relationship, things happen and the exotic beauty finds herself falling in love with the prince of her country. The slave finds out about it, and commited suicide.

To tell you the truth, I don’t understand  what the relationship is with the story and the sultan. Up to now, all of Shahrazad’s stories have been a sad one. Is it suppose to be a lesson for the Sultan? Who Knows?

Conclusion: Even though there is a little bit of confusion running along this story, I still find myself enjoying it quite a lot. I find myself liking all the stories that Shahrazad tells the sultan. I guess it was worth the search for this volume. lol.

Overall Grade: B


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