Orange Planet Vol. 1

20080115214543Summary: Like a lot of girls, Rui has boy problems. But most girls would be thrilled to have a problem like hers: There are too many boys in love with her! First there’s Taro, the adorable boy next door. Then there’s Eisuke, a teaching intern who’s just too hot to handle. And finally, Kaoru-the one boy who just may hold the key to Rui’s heart.

Review: The cover for this manga pulled me in. I know it’s wrong to judge a  book by its cover, but I couldn’t help it! Being an avid fan of shoujo, the cover + summary just screamed out to me.

Orange Planet is about a girl named Rui. When she was younger her parents died in an accident. On her birthday she met a boy who told her that her parents are the brightest star in the night sky. Later on, he gives her a bear, and tells her to write to him every time she is sad.

Years later, Rui finds herself falling in love with one of her classmate, Kaoru. But at the same time her neighbour/childhood friend has raging crush on her (it’s so obvious, but she can’t tell). Only to make matters worse, her teaching intern, Eisuke, suddenly crashes at her house. It doesn’t help that he also is a womanizer.

Right now, I’m kind of rooting for Eisuke. I’ve always been the type to like older guys. Even though he is a womanizer, his personality is kind and sincere. Plus, I feel that he’s someone linked to the little boy that Rui met when she was little. Why else would he crash at her house?

 Conclusion: Orange Planet is one of those fluffy shoujos. But there seems to be something about it that makes it special and sets it apart from other shoujos I’ve read in the past. It doesn’t beat Skip Beat, which is my current favourite shoujo, but it’s definitely a great manga to pick up. 

Overall Grade: B


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