Skip Beat Vol. 18

42014-sb18_superSummary: Kyoko hasn’t had a Love Me Section job in a while, and this newest assignment is pushing her limits. She’s now the personal assistant to Koo Hizuri, a Japanese actor turned Hollywood star, and everyone knows how assistants are treated in hollywood! Can Kyoko see past Koo’s meanness, or will he just make her demons worse?!

Review: As I’ve stated in my last post, Skip Beat! is my favourite shoujo right now. I can’t tell you how excited I get when a new volume of Skip Beat comes out! Thank God, it comes out every two months, because I don’t think I can deal with the wait and probably I will result to reading scans.

In this volume, Kyoko becomes an assistant to Koo Hizuri, a Japanese actor turned Hollywood star. At first Koo seems to be one of those snotty celebrities that treats their assistants like crap. But in reality he’s just a doting father.

Koo gives Kyoko an assignment to honed her acting skills. She must act as his son for a day. After a very long list of personality traits that describes Koo’s son, Kyoko finds it almost impossible to protray him. She gave up in trying to personate him, and decides to act as the most perfect person she knows, Corn.

Not to be mean, but I somehow find Kyok to be an idiot. Koo tells her that his son’s name is Kuon. Kyoko being the idiot that she is, does not link that Corn and and Kuon is the same person! Even their names are pronounce the same. Another thing that bothers me about Kyoko is that she is oblivious to Ren’s love for her. How can she not tell? How often does a top star calls someone, unless he/she must like them? Oh Kyoko, if it wasn’t for the plot, I would have smack some sense into her head already. lol.

Anyways, it turns out that Kyoko protrays Koo’s son perfectly. The only problem was that she protrayed him as a ten year old, instead of a 15 year old, which is the age that Koo last saw his son. As for who Koo’s soon is, I will not spoil it for you guys. But you should already know who it is by now. lol

Conclusion: The only thing that was bad about this volume (it wasn’t that bad actually) was the lack of Ren and Kyoko scenes. There relationship doesn’t seem to be moving yet, partially due to Kyoko’s lact of attention of the people who’s around her. Sho, on the other hand, is taking Kyoko’s challenge seriously. He consistantly release number one hits, one right after another. Kyoko hasn’t realize that Sho probably still likes her. It’s quite obvious. But will Sho win her heart back? Who knows? Kind of feel bad for the guy, because he has some tough competition in winning Kyoko’s heart back.  Hopefully, next volume would provide me with more Ren x Kyoko scenes.

Overall Grade: A


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