Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 19

Warning!!!! Reading this blog will lead to some spoilers!!! So beware if you wish to continue!

Tsubasa vol. 19Summary: The Mafia-run world of Infinity would be a dangerous place even without the death-defying “chess” tournament that Princess Sakura and her companions have entered. But Sakura has decided to risk everything, even her friends’ lives — for the contest’s secret prize.

Review: I’m a little bit tired of the way Sakura is acting. She’s being quite selfish right now. She doesn’t tell her friends the reason why they’re in this competition, so that they won’t hold her back when the time comes for her to use the secret prize. The way she treats the real Shaoyran is annoying me too. I understand that the Shaoyran she remembers in her new memories is the clone. But her old memories are all of the real Shaoyran, even though he’s blocked off. Couldn’t she be a bit more sympathetic?

This volume kicks off from where it left off in the pervious volume. Sakura and the team, has made it to the last battle. But before that occurred, The Mafia leader, questions Sakura’s motives for being in this competition. Money is one thing, but the thing Sakura really wants is the ability to travel by herself to a different dimension. Sakura’s plans are unknown to her fellow travelers, even though I suspect Fai might know something about it. In the final battle, each team is only allowed to put one player on the board. Shaoyran volunteers, even though Sakura told him the other night to have his own freedom. It turns out that the person or thing he was to battle with was an Automata. In an epic battle, Shaoyran ends up winning by a slim chance. Afterwards, Sakura’s wish to travel alone is granted. But before that happens, a curse that was layed on Fai in the past caused him to go beserk and stabbed the princess. Fortunately, Sakura made it in time to the other dimension, unharmed.

Conclusion: Wow, is this manga as epic as ever? I never seen a manga turned so dark so fast. I still enjoyed this manga quite a bit, even though Sakura kind of pissed me off this whole volume. I wonder what will happen to the team, now that a vital part of their party is gone?

Overall Grade: A


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