Please Save My Earth Vol. 11

plsavearth11What’s on the back: Are the woes of the present meant to be endured for the promise of a better future or to atone for pass wrongs? Young Rin is the reincarnation of Shion, the alien moon base’s anti-social engineer. Driven to protect the Earth by Shion’s impassioned memories, Rin will do anything to achieve his mysterious goals. His attempts to control and manipulate fellow moon dreamer Haruhiko have culminated in a brutal psychic battle. The results have left Rin nearly comatose, unable to escape dreams of Shion’s tormented past. After spending so much time reliving Shion’s life, how is ┬áRin supposed to cope with waking on Earth in a child’s battered body?

Review: In volume 11 of Please Save My Earth, or PSME for short, marks the end of Rin’s dreams of the past. A Shion’s past becomes clearer, I don’t know if I should sympathize with him, or should I hate him for what he has done. Shion has always been an anti-social person, which caused him not to be liked among the others in the moon base. The only person who seems to care for him is Mokuren.

The beginning of the volume starts off with Mokuren announcing that she is engaged with Shion. Shion is shocked with this proclaimaition since he raped Mokuren in order for revenged again Sarjalim, who in his mind, ruined his life. Later on he admits that he just wanted to make love with Mokuren, and that all he wanted is to have a family.

Now back to the future, Rin wakes up from his Coma. He’s a little confused about who he is, because he was stuck in Shion’s dream for a very long time. When he realized that he was the recarinated version of Shion, little bits and pieces of his present self starts to reappear. He remembers that Alice is actually Mokuren’s recarinated self. He also remembers his mission of destroying the moon base, and anybody who gets in his way.

Little to his surprise, Jipachi visited him at the hospital, where he gives Rin his password, in hopes of ending this ludicrous dream. Rin then convinces Jipachi to figure out other people’s passwords, in order to destroy the moon base. Jipachi did not know that he’s falling directly into Rin’s Plan.

There was also the suspicion that Haruhiko is the one behind all the attacks. Jipanchi and Issei, they really don’t know any better. They have no idea that Rin is actually Shion and that Haruhiko is the victim in this case.

Issei, who was Enjo in the past, is torn between the love she had for Gyokuran, who is present day Jipachi. Issei doesn’t know what to do with his emotions. He doesn’t want to be gay, but he also doesn’t want to let go of Enju’s love for Gyokuran. In the end, after a heart to heart with Sakura, Issei learned that Enju chose to be recarinated as a boy because she wants herself to have a new chance at love, instead of being in love with Gyokuran for another lifetime. Issei lets go of Enju’s love, and learns to move on with his life, in order to find a new love.

I got to admit, I love this series very much. The character developments are phenomenal. The author takes time in trying to expand each character’s personality. In the past few volumes we got to learn of Shion’s character. He’s a very complex character, but the author protrays him beautifully. He’s evil, but not entirely evil, if you get what I mean. Alice, seems to have more of a personality in this volume as well. Normally we see Alice as a shy and quiet girl. But in this volume, she’s a bit more outspoken. I was glad to see some development between Jipachi and Issei relationship. Issei was really torn about what to do, In the end, I believe he chose the right outcome, because he would never find peace if he keeps on pursuing Jipachi.

Final Thoughts: I just love this manga so much! I really got no complaints for this series. There’s a good balance between shoujo and science fiction elements, that it keeps the story more interesting as I continue on.

Final Grade: A


Mr. Flower Bride (YAOI)

MRFLOBRIDE1What’s on the back: The powerful Souda family is big on tradition…and to Shinji Souda’s dismay, the tradition they’re keenest on involves him marrying a boy! And not just any boy, but his classmate Aoi Uno, who doesn’t seem to be at all fazed by the news of their engagement. With their attitudes at odds, are Shinji and Aoi headed for a lifetime of unhappily ever after?

Review: Wow, got to say this was a weird one. Not in a bad way, more of a “How the hell is this possible?” kind of way. This volume of Mr. Flower Bride, is actually quite a good read, besides from the fact that the bride looks more like a girl, than he does a guy.

Shinji just learned that his sister-in-law is about to give birth to a boy. This is bad news for Shinji because he has to marry a man! Why you may ask? To keep a family tradition of protecting their future heir. Shinji’s dad promised to find him the most beautiful man-bride in the clan. But this doesn’t make Shinji feel any better. So when his friend Aoi surprised him as his bride, Shinji was shocked. He didn’t want to marry Aoi because at times he thought that Aoi was beautiful. Aoi was not fazed about the news of the engagement, because he was already in love with Shinji, and was trying his hardest to be picked as Shinji’s bride.

Shinji and Aoi ends up getting married. They were moved to the Hanare, where traditionally newlyweds go to give birth to babies. But in this case, it’s highly impossible for those two to conceive. lol. As time goes by, Shinji finds himself falling in love with Aoi. A lot of obstacles such as his little sister and Aoi’s childhood friend gets in their way.

Mr. Flower Bride, also has a few short stories after the main one. My favourite one is called “Even if it Costs Me My Life,” which is about a bodyguard who is trying to protect his master from people who are after his father’s company.

In “If I Can See You Anytime,” I was a bit confused on whether this was a Yaoi story, or was it straight. The author never mentions whether Natsuiro was a guy or a girl. I’m just going to assume he’s a guy since this is a Yaoi anthology. lol.

Lily Hoshino, is famous for her art. I’ve got to admit that it’s very pleasing to the eyes. Another thing that she is famous for is also for her really girly ukes. If it wasn’t mention in the story that Aoi was a man, I swear I would have confused him for a chestless girl. He’s just that girly… The only thing I’ve got to complain about is the fact that sometimes the art confuses me on what’s happening. Like how I mention before about not realizing if the person is a girl or a guy. Anyhow, besides that, the lines were drawn clearly, and the character designs were nice to look at.

Final Thoughts: Despite the weirdness of the plot, I’ve enjoyed reading this story a lot! I’ve Mr. Flower Groom in my TBR pile, so I’m hoping for some more development in the plot. It’s one of those reads that are nice to read when you are in a mood for a Yaoi. It has plot, the main characters are pleasing to the eyes, and the sex scenes are kept to a minimal. I’m definitely more interested in the rest of Lily Hoshino’s manga that are currently liscensed. On a side note, I like it how Yen Press is really expanding it’s genres by publishing some Yaoi!

Overall Grade: B