Captive Hearts Vol. 2

CAPTIVEHAERTS02What’s on the back: Megumi decides he wants to become a formal servant of the Kogami family so he can be worthy of Suzuka’s love. But when wealthy heir Hiryu arrives to claim Suzuka as his bride, can Megumi even compete?

Review: For the past few months, I’ve already collected the complete set of captive hearts. But it took me this long to get into volume two, simply because I thought that the first volume wasn’t that great. I kind of regret it now, because volume two wasn’t half bad. It’s not one of Matsuri Hino’s best series, but it definitely not unreadable.

The basic story of Captive Hearts consists of 1/4 rich heiress, 1/4 curse ridden/reluctant man servant and a 1/2 of a cup of quirky parents. Man, I got to tell you, Megumi’s parents just make me burst out laughing, since they are so weird! His dad is kind of dopey, and his mom is an Interpol officer, that bursts out crying because she thinks Megumi hates her. There was a short one shot at the end of the volume that explains Megumi’s childhood. Apparently, Megumi grew up, not realizing that Keito, who he claims is a crazy monster, is actually his Mother. He kinds of regret it now, because his Mom is simply crazy.

Megumi learns to accept that he is eternally attached to Suzuka as a man servant for the rest of his life. He even starts to fall for Suzuka. But Suzuka is very determined to help Megumi get rid of his curse because she wish for Megumi to have freedom. A lot of obstacles are thrown at the budding couple, such as a million wealthy suitors, notely, wealthy heir Hiryu. It also doesn’t help that Hiryu’s guardian is also a distant relative of Suzukas, which of course Megumi also has to obey.

The second half of the volume, consist of the introduction of a new character: Megumi’s mother, Keito. She doesn’t come home for a vacation though. She is out to arrest a human slave trafficker, who happened to kidnapped Suzuka when she was younger. We also get to me Arj, who was a childhood friend of Suzuka, who was also captured by the trafficker. It was thanks to Arj, that Suzuka was able to escape her fate of becoming a slave.

My most favourite part of the manga, was near the end of the volume. Megumi’s dad picked up his mother and tells her “It’s true that Master was important to me, but you’re the only one I really love. You’re the only one I’ve held in my arms like this, my princess.” I never imagine getting to see an older man confessing his love to his wife in a shoujo manga. It was nice to see another form of love.

There was a great improvement in the storyline. I feel like I could connect with the characters a little more this volume. Keep in mind that this manga is a bit silly. Like how many incidences do you know, where a man is cursed to be a servant for the rest of his life? But the sillyness is what makes it a fun read. It’s shoujo, right? There’s no need for a shoujo manga to be realistic. Even though there are cases where realism really makes the manga great, such as Nana.

You can definitely tell that Captive hearts was written before Vampire Knights because her art isn’t up to par as it is today. Not that I’m complaining though. Matsuri-Sensei is known for her good looking men such as Kaname, Zero, and in this case Megumi. I don’t really like the character design for Suzuka though. I can’t even explain why though. There’s just something there that isn’t convincing for Suzuka. It may be the hair, who knows?

Final Thoughts: Great improvement from the 1st volume. I’m getting into the story a bit more now. I’m a bit curious on how the curse will be broken in the future. This isn’t one of her best series, but definitely, it’s worth a quick run to the library.

Overall Grades: C+


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