Red River Vol. 23

Author: Chie Shinohara

Viz; ISBN 978-1-4215-1723-0

Red River Vol. 23

I kind of forgot how good this Manga can be. The last time I read a volume of this series was probably sometime early last year. For a shoujo, this series is just simply thrilling.

Yuri is finally reunited with Kail after spending sometime in Egypt, after learning that Nefertiti has fallen from a position of power. Yuri has evidence of Queen Nakia’s betrayal of the Hitite empire, a letter that she had sent to Nefertiti in Egypt.

Nakia’s scheming follower Urhi, has caught on that Yuri brought home evidence that would put Nakia in trouble, thus, he hypotize one of Yuri’s servant to steal the letter and destroy the evidence. Fortunately, Ilbani is a clever man, and made a duplicate of the letter which was destroy in place of the real one. I hope this leads to the end of Queen Nakia’s reign of power because honestly, she’s starting to get quite annoying.

Kail declares to Yuri that he hopes this war with Egypt would be the last war his empire will ever fight during his reign. It’s a noble declaration because it seems like Egypt is not going to give up anytime soon.

The Hitite Empire faces off with Egypt in an all out war. Kail finds quite a few allies, such as the Prince of Darkness, now King Mattiwaza I, and also his brother Prince Telipinu. Even though the Pharoh of Egypt is leading his army, Kail’s real enemy is General Ramses. Unfortunately, for Egypt, The Pharoh is a complete idiot when it comes to leading an army, and lead his entire army into an obvious trap that Kail had set up. Funny thing was that Ramses warned him of the trap, but the Pharoh simply said that there was no way that he would lose because he was leading the army.

At the end of the volume, Kail declared that he’s not after manslaughter, but rather a peace treaty, which is one step closer to Kail’s vision for his empire.

There’s not much bad things I can say about this series. I love how exciting this series is, and I felt my heart sting such as the situation with Yuri losing her baby and having to let Kail know. I laugh at all the rights part, especially when I found out that Yuri’s twin servant has been sharing the same lover.

With only 5 volumes left to the finale of this series, I hope this series continue on in such a good note.

Grade: A


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