What’s in my swag bag on 02/20/11?

I made a trip downtown today, and I JUST had to grab some Manga from two of my favourite Manga stores. I have to admit, I went a little nuts…LOL.

Here are the all the manga I picked up today:
* Full Metal Alchemist Vol. 7-9
*Karakuri Odette Vol. 2
After School Charisma Vol. 2
One Thousand and One Nights Vol. 6
Bride of The Water God Vol. 6
Ooku Vol. 3
Sand Chronicle Vol. 7
Blood Kiss Vol. 2
Dengeki Daisy Vol. 1
Grand Guignol Orchestra Vol. 2
Ludwig II Vol. 1
Madness Vol. 1
When the Heaven Smiles
Amnesia Labyrinth Vol. 1

I`m looking foward to reading Bride of the Water God, and Dengeki Daisy, since I heard such great reviews about this series.

On a side note, I`m 12 volumes away from reaching my goal of owning a 1000 Manga. The only problem is my diminishing space I have left in my room…


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