Author’s Pet (Yaoi)

Author's PetWhat’s on the back: He didn’t mean to accidentally injure a man at the train station, but now he’s stuck playing slave to the cranky (and gorgeou) author Tsubaki while his broken body mends…and it doesn’t look like the sickbed will stay cold for long, the worst part? Yuuta has to type out Tsubaki’s latest novel, word-for-steamy-word, and he’s fighting to keep his new-found, illicit feelings to himself! Will real life and fantasy finally merge, or will master and servant keep searching for their storybook ending?

Review: For months, I’ve been staring at this manga. When I decided to get it the first time, I missed my chance, since all of the copies at the local comic store was sold out. A couple of months later though, I picked it up at a convention. The reason why I wanted to pick up this manga though is solely because of the cover art! The front and back of the cover page, is just too kawaii! I wasn’t interested in the story itself, for me, it was all about the cover. lol. But to my surprise, the stories weren’t half bad. They were just filled with a lot of fluff.

All of the stories in Author’s Pet is actually quite cute. The main story is about a boy who acidently hurt the arms of a famous/very good looking author and is forced to help him type his new novel. But little did he know, the author is writing a steamy love story that includes a lot of PG 18 scenes. I actually laughed out loud at his situation because while the author was saying naughty stuff out loud, the boy is trembling in embarassment.

In To Keep a Cat, A young man picks up a guy who is beaten off the street. He tends to his wounds, like he would for an animal since he’s a veterinarian.He also offers a place for him to stay. It turns out, the young man actually don’t like people, and perfers the company of cats oppose to humans. Stuff occurs, and the guy who was beaten starts to fall for the young man. But what is he to do, when the guy he loves hates people?

My favourite of all the stories though was called ” Love Battle in the Dorms.” The story itself, was very cute, but a lot of things happened that made me go “how did that happen?” There was a scene in the story where one guy pokes a hole through the wall to spy on the guy he likes. How the hell does that happen? Regardless of the ridiculous stuff that occurred, it gave me a  lot of “lol” moments.

As I mentioned before, the reason why I picked up this manga was because of the artwork on the cover. But the inside is totally different from what it is on the outside. The art is a little bit more sketchy, and somehow it reminds me of Honey and Clover, but to the extreme. It’s not ugly to look at, it’s just more rough looking.

Final Thoughts: If your looking for something on the more fluffier side, definitely pick it up. Into Drama? Don’t pick it up. Author’s Pet is definitely a relaxing read to pass time.

Overall Grade: B