Beauty Pop vol. 10 [end]

Kiritori8Summary: It’s time for the final match in the All-Japan Beauty Tournament, but Narumi and Ochiai are increasingly at odds with each other as they fight over Kiri. Can the Scissors Project win under such circumstances?

Review:It’s finally the end of a such a wonderful series. I waited patiently for a whole year for the last volume to come out, and let me say, it was totally worth it. I don’t know what it is about Make Over stories, but I always find that I’m always pulled into the story.  Kiri, the main character in Beauty Pop, is definitely my favourite character. Even though she remained emotionless for the majority of the story, she always cared for everyone around her.

In the finals, of the competition, Kiri ended up with a fever, after chasing Billy in the rain. On the other hand, the Sp team were struggling with the competition. Narumi’s arm/hand was injured and he found it hard to hold a pair of siscors. Also, the menancing schemes of his father was no help. Kiri appears in the nick of time to save the day, even though her fever has reached passed 102 degrees. The model who was hired for the SP team, felt ill during the middle of the competition (which we later learn that Narumi’ s father has planned it.) Even with all the obstacles that occured, Sp team manage to win the competition. 

A couple of days later, Kiri tells everyone she’s moving to America to live with her mother. At this point, I was a bit sad/upset that Narumi never step up his game and confess to Kiri how he really felt. But right when Kiri was about to board the plane, he redeemed himself. He tells Kiri (while hugging her), “Keep improving your skills until I fly out there and be with you.”  10 years later, we learn that Kiri and Narumi had a happy ending.

Another thing that I liked about this ending is that we get to see a glimpse of the future. What everyone grew up to be. There were some LOL match ups in turn of some characters like…Chisami-chan and Iorin getting married…lol.

Conclusion: This manga was a fun read, the ending was satisfying. But I wish there was more chemistry + more romance between the two main characters. Narumi should have made the move on Kiri at least 4 volumes ago, oppose to the last volume. 

Overall Grade: B