We Were There Vol. 3

WEWERETHERE3what’s on the back: Every day, all day, I think about him. I wonder if there’s a limit to love? I’m no longer able to imagine a world without him.

Review: We Where There, or Bakura ga Ita in Japanese, is the type of manga that invokes your feelings throughout the whole story. I admit I have a soft spot for romances. But unlike other Shoujos, We Were There deals with real life situations when it comes to love. Instead of the usual unrealistic stuff that usually occurs in shoujo, this manga deals with more of the ugly side of love.

This volume is jammed packed with drama. And the person that’s dishing the trouble is of course, Yuri. I don’t know if I can sympathize with her situation or I should despise her. Her history with Yano is more clearer now. She is jealous of Nana-chan and feels the need to interfer with Yano’s relationship. She secretly leaks Yano’s past to Nana, so that Nana would start to feel insecure with her relationship. And It works, because Nana starts to question Yano’s past with his deceased ex-girlfriend. Yano later tells Nana that instead of living in the past, he’s living in the present for her. Nana feels reassured at Yano’s feeling…for now. I still think deep within her heart she still questions Yano’s past.

So the real question is what’s Yuri’s deal? Is it guilt towards her older sister? Is it her love for Yano? Or does she just want to ruin Yano’s life? Sometimes I pity her because I feel that she is also stucked in the past. But at the same time, her actions in the future, is unnecessary. Sure Yano and Yuri had a past together, but really does she need to dig it up? If it’s her way of showing love, then I just don’t understand.

In this volume, the character development is awesome. We get to see Yano’s and Nana-chan’s relationship head to the deeper side of love. I was glad Yano showed some jealousy this volume. That just means that Yano is starting to fall for Nana. We also get see Yuri’s intentions more clearly (I ranted enough about her, so moving on…). Takeuchi is starting to show some develop as well. To me it seems like he’s maybe starting to fall for Nana? Who knows… But I do know that he tries to help Nana figure out Yano’s past. So his intentions are not really clear now. Is he just beeing a good friend? Or is he trying to break them up? Who knows?

A lot of people complain about Yuki Obata-Sensei’s art. They don’t  like that she sometimes just draw just one eye. Bokura ga Ita is a slow paced manga. The way she draws the characters helps set the mood. Instead of taking away from the story, her art helps add the enjoyment.

Final Thoughts: This is still one of my favourite mangas, in my opinion, it’s even a little better than Sand Chronicles, which is another shoujo drama. Sometimes you just need to move away from the romantic comedies, and move into something a bit more moodier. I haven’t cried yet, but I feel like that might change when I get to the other volumes.

Overall Grade: A


Bokura ga Ita (We Were There) Vol. 1


Summary: You know, that guy…He doesn’t seem to need anybody else. I don’t know how to put it but… No matter hw much we talk or what we do….It doesn’t reach him.

Review: Bokura ga Ita, has slowly become one of my favourite series of all time. I have watched the anime before, laugh at the cute moments that Yano and Nana-chan has, and cried when their relationship starts to fall. I had no doubt that I would pick up the manga once it got liscensed by Viz. I have to admit, that the anime has captured the mellowness of the original manga. I have always been a fan of drama, in fact I kind of prefer drama over completely random, plotless, comedic shoujos.

In this volume, we find Nana-chan desperately wanting to see Yano during her class’s rehearsal for a play they are putting on during the school’s festival. Even though Yano plays the main character in the play, he never showed up to any of the rehearsals. One day, her friends invited her to a night festival, and hinted that Yano and his friends might be coming along. Nana being excited, decided to wear a yukata for him. But disappointment fell upon her when she realizes that Yano didn’t come. During the festival, she did meet Takeuchi, who being the smart guy he is, took a picture of her in her yukata.  Takeuchi also told her that last summer, Yano who lost his girlfriend died and that was probably why he was mopping around. Near the end of their summer vacation, Nana gets her courage up and visits Yano and ask him if he was okay. Yano replies that this time of the year is a tough year for him. Nana, then told him that he’s not alone, and that she will always be there for him.

Yano finally shows up to rehearsal, thanks to Nana. He comments that Nana looks very cute in a Yukata, and told her Takeuchi sent him a picture of her. He later on thank her for what she told him, at his house earlier, and that it made him very happy. Yano later on, told Nana that he liked her during the school festival.

At the end of the volume, Yano made her promise that she would never leave him, and that she wouldn’t cheat on him.

Conclusion: I feel bad for Yano, who is haunted by his past. I’m also worried that maybe Nana-chan might end up number two compared to Nana-san. Who knows? Yano is nice now, but sooner or later he’s probably going to crack…

Overall Grade: B+