No Touching At All (Yaoi)

Author: Kou Yoneda

June; ISBN: 978-1-56970-1850

No Touching At All

No Touching at All is a story about a shy man named Shima who just started a new job. He meets his boss, Togawa,  in an elevator, and wasn’t impressed with him all all since he reeked of alcohol and cigarettes. But soon, his unruly boss invaded his every thought. Shima is torn because of past failures in love and doesn’t know how to treat Togawa as a new potential love.

The reason why Shima gets a new job is because he had relationship with a “straight” co-worker at his old job. When their relationship became known, Shima’s Ex quickly made it seem like Shima was the one who seduced him into a relationship. I generally felt bad for Shima in this situation because the person he thought he loved, quickly denied the existence of their love. Shima then has no choice but to give his love, and his job, so that his ex could move on with his life.

This whole situation caused Shima to act towards Togawa indifferently, since, he didn’t want to have another relationship with a co-worker. A lot of missed signals occurs, and at first Shima’s and Togawa’s after work relationship seem to go down the path of doom, but eventually they both realize that they truly love each other.

Shima, honestly, annoyed me at first. He just really didn’t know what he wanted with Togawa. He thought that Togawa was just playing around with him, and would leave him when he was bored. That was why he was normally indifferent to Togawa’s advances towards him. When he finally realize that he needed Togawa beside him, was when Togawa got a promotion and moved away from him.

Togawa on the other hand, in reality, if he was real, he probably be the kind of man I tend to avoid. Nobody wants to be near someone who reeks of alcohol and cigarette smoke all the time. So I could definitely see Shima’s first impression of disgust towards him. I would like him as a boss though, he seems laid back. lol

On a side note, I felt sorry Onoda, who had a crush on Shima. We all knew his crush will never be realized.

No Touching at all, was really different from all the other Yaoi I’ve read in the past. To me, it was simply more grown up. The reason I think so is because it involves an older cast of characters, and also instead of involving sex to advance their relationship, It seems like this story moves more on the character’s developments and emotions.

Grade: B


Author’s Pet (Yaoi)

Author's PetWhat’s on the back: He didn’t mean to accidentally injure a man at the train station, but now he’s stuck playing slave to the cranky (and gorgeou) author Tsubaki while his broken body mends…and it doesn’t look like the sickbed will stay cold for long, the worst part? Yuuta has to type out Tsubaki’s latest novel, word-for-steamy-word, and he’s fighting to keep his new-found, illicit feelings to himself! Will real life and fantasy finally merge, or will master and servant keep searching for their storybook ending?

Review: For months, I’ve been staring at this manga. When I decided to get it the first time, I missed my chance, since all of the copies at the local comic store was sold out. A couple of months later though, I picked it up at a convention. The reason why I wanted to pick up this manga though is solely because of the cover art! The front and back of the cover page, is just too kawaii! I wasn’t interested in the story itself, for me, it was all about the cover. lol. But to my surprise, the stories weren’t half bad. They were just filled with a lot of fluff.

All of the stories in Author’s Pet is actually quite cute. The main story is about a boy who acidently hurt the arms of a famous/very good looking author and is forced to help him type his new novel. But little did he know, the author is writing a steamy love story that includes a lot of PG 18 scenes. I actually laughed out loud at his situation because while the author was saying naughty stuff out loud, the boy is trembling in embarassment.

In To Keep a Cat, A young man picks up a guy who is beaten off the street. He tends to his wounds, like he would for an animal since he’s a veterinarian.He also offers a place for him to stay. It turns out, the young man actually don’t like people, and perfers the company of cats oppose to humans. Stuff occurs, and the guy who was beaten starts to fall for the young man. But what is he to do, when the guy he loves hates people?

My favourite of all the stories though was called ” Love Battle in the Dorms.” The story itself, was very cute, but a lot of things happened that made me go “how did that happen?” There was a scene in the story where one guy pokes a hole through the wall to spy on the guy he likes. How the hell does that happen? Regardless of the ridiculous stuff that occurred, it gave me a  lot of “lol” moments.

As I mentioned before, the reason why I picked up this manga was because of the artwork on the cover. But the inside is totally different from what it is on the outside. The art is a little bit more sketchy, and somehow it reminds me of Honey and Clover, but to the extreme. It’s not ugly to look at, it’s just more rough looking.

Final Thoughts: If your looking for something on the more fluffier side, definitely pick it up. Into Drama? Don’t pick it up. Author’s Pet is definitely a relaxing read to pass time.

Overall Grade: B

Hey Sensei! (yaoi)

heysensei-cvrSummary: Straight-laced Math teacher Isa is shocked by this proposition, but quickly regains enough composure to give the offending studnet Homura, a good whipping. Undaunted, the brazen Homura continues to shower sexual advances upon the hapless Isa every chance he gets. Sensible and ration as the discipline he teaches, Isa calmly dismisses and rebuffs the student’s passionate display. But when Isa glimpses sincerity in Homura’s eyes and realizes that his pupil’s confession of love is true, his cool demeanor begins to falter and he is  inevitably drawn to a young man ten years his junior. Teacher and student, classroom and bedroom, schooling and seduction…a tale as bitter-swee as the forbidden fruit, partake of it in Hey, Sensei.

Review: Hey, Sensei, was one of those manga I picked up because of the cover. Two beautiful men, how can I say no to it? The story itself is a little taboo, but is oftened used as a plot in many manga. I don’t know if I agree with a Teacher/Student relationship, but if it’s love, I can’t deny it from happening. The weird thing about this relationship is that, Isa, who is Homura’s Math teacher, use to date his older sister. It was after dating her, that he realized that he wasn’t into women. When he was still dating the sister, He would spend a lot of time at her house, which is where he met Homura as a young boy. It was later when Homura was a high school student, that he met Isa again, but by then, he was a teacher.

Throughout the story, Isa was concerned that Homura only thought of him as a passing fling. But as the story progresses, Isa learns to break through the age barrier, and realize that Homura was very truthful about his love for him.

I actually enjoyed the second story in this volume very much. Unbreakable bones is about two friends who knew each other when they were younger. One grew up to be a cop, the other was a deliquent/highschool dropout who is working at a noodle shop. Apparently, Manabu (cop) has always admired, and viewed Yuji as a big brother. But because Yuji felt that they both grew up differently, He told Manabu to stop living in the past and move on with his life. He later on regretted telling Manabu that, and explained to him that when he was younger he was sent to a deliquent hall. Manabu didn’t care because he believes that everyone changes when they grow up. He then explained  to Yuji, that he grew up to be gay, and he never stopped loving him.

Conclusion: I actually liked this manga very much. Most of the time, I’m turned off by Yaoi that is only sex based. In Hey, Sensei, there was more of a story then there was senseless sex. I especially enjoyed the second story and found it to be quite sweet. If you’re looking for something that is a good read, and you don’t mind the controversy of a student/teacher relationship, then by all means picked up this book.

Overall Grade: B

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Vol. 18

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 18Summary: In the world of Infinity, Princess Sakura has become a Chess Master and the other travelers are her pieces. But the Mafia is running the game, and they don’t care if Sakura’s opponents break the rules or murder Sakura’s companions! Why is Sakura so determined to risk everything?

Review: Before I start my review, I’ll let you guys know that when I say C-Syaoran, I mean Clone Syaoran, and R-Syaoran means Real Syaoran.

This is personally one of my favourite manga. This volume was filled with angst. The last few volumes turned this series suddenly into a drama-packed story. C-Syaoran becomes haywire searching for sakura’s feathers. While Sakura, on the other hand, is fighting an inner battle to find the difference between the two Syaorans. 

C-Syaoran leaves a country in turmoil, after destroying it in order to obtain a feather. Soon after, Sakura and her companions, land in the country which C-Syaoran just destroyed. Mistaken for his other self, R-Syaoran ends up getting beat up by the citizens of that country.  Sakura blocks off the attacks, and begs Mokona to transport them to a new country. Sakura and gang lands in the world of Infinity, which is ran by a mafia. She then becomes a Chess Master, and her companions, chess pieces. Stricken with guilt over the other worlds’ demised, Sakura ask Yuko for help. If she wins the prize money that is offer for this game, Yuko must send the money to the destroyed country in order to compensate for the damage done. Sakura’s will allows the team to win every match. The Mafia leader, sense that Sakura is a strong person, so he wished to test her strength. The next battle involved the other opponents cheating. R-Syaoran realizes that Sakura really wants to win, so he went against odds and ended up winning the match for the team. 

Back at their apartment, Fail receives a telepathic message from Chi, which states, “His Majesty is awake…”

Conclusion: To tell you the truth, I have sympathy for R-Syaoran. He has become a lost soul because Sakura refuses to see him as Syaoran. In the princess memories, all she sees is the Syaoran that traveled with her in search of her feathers. The Syaoran of her past, she does not remember because with the ability to travel through the worlds, Sakura lost the ability to remember the person that she loves the most. To the Syaoran that she is with now seems, like a whole different person, regardless of the fact that they both share the same features, voice, and personality. Because of that, She is very cold towards R-Syaoran. I understand what Sakura is going through, but couldn’t she be a little more nice to R-Syaoran? I mean that guy is doing everything he could in order for Sakura to realize her dream. He protects, and loves her, just like the C-Syaoran. I know that Sakura doesn’t remember him, but why must she be so cold? 

On a side note, What is going to happen to Fai? The person that he was running away from, has finally awoken. I do not know why he was running away, but it seems like there’s something fishy behind it. 

Overall Grade: B+

Sea View (yaoi)

seaview21Summary: Kei’s Grandfather is a well-known architect, and the young boy cherishes every letter from his beloved relative….until the notes suddenly stop. Now, Kei must visit his grandfather’s distant island home and solve the mystery for himself! Upon arriving, he meets the shy and aloof Michiru, a serious student at the school where Kei’s grandfather once taught. Michiru may have the answers to Kei’s burning questions…but will he cooperate? Can these two young men follow the clues and find their vanished hero?

Review: In atempt to tackle the yaoi genre one book at a time, Sea View was my first stop and I have to admit, I enjoyed reading it.  Sea View consists of two stories that focuses not on the romance of two men, but rather their relationship with each other.

Sea View, the title story, was probably my favourite of the two. Kei who missed his grandfather, and wondered what happened when his grandfather stopped sending notes, went to school on the island where his grandfather lived in order to find him. He then meets Michiru, a reclusive brilliant architect student who seems to know more about Kei’s grandfather dissappearance then he lets on. The story continues with Kei finding out the truth about his grandfather’s disappearance and the role that Michiru played in it.

Thou of the Blossoms, the second story, was a bit more slow than the first, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. The basis permises of the story is about a photographer who wished to take pictures of a famous garden, and the person who owns the garden. 

Conclusion:  This is a great manga for those who are trying to enter the Yaoi scene. With not much romance or sex scenes between two men, it focuses more on the relationship between each other. I will definitely be on the look out for more Yaoi mangas like these.

Overall Grade: B+