Hey Sensei! (yaoi)

heysensei-cvrSummary: Straight-laced Math teacher Isa is shocked by this proposition, but quickly regains enough composure to give the offending studnet Homura, a good whipping. Undaunted, the brazen Homura continues to shower sexual advances upon the hapless Isa every chance he gets. Sensible and ration as the discipline he teaches, Isa calmly dismisses and rebuffs the student’s passionate display. But when Isa glimpses sincerity in Homura’s eyes and realizes that his pupil’s confession of love is true, his cool demeanor begins to falter and he is  inevitably drawn to a young man ten years his junior. Teacher and student, classroom and bedroom, schooling and seduction…a tale as bitter-swee as the forbidden fruit, partake of it in Hey, Sensei.

Review: Hey, Sensei, was one of those manga I picked up because of the cover. Two beautiful men, how can I say no to it? The story itself is a little taboo, but is oftened used as a plot in many manga. I don’t know if I agree with a Teacher/Student relationship, but if it’s love, I can’t deny it from happening. The weird thing about this relationship is that, Isa, who is Homura’s Math teacher, use to date his older sister. It was after dating her, that he realized that he wasn’t into women. When he was still dating the sister, He would spend a lot of time at her house, which is where he met Homura as a young boy. It was later when Homura was a high school student, that he met Isa again, but by then, he was a teacher.

Throughout the story, Isa was concerned that Homura only thought of him as a passing fling. But as the story progresses, Isa learns to break through the age barrier, and realize that Homura was very truthful about his love for him.

I actually enjoyed the second story in this volume very much. Unbreakable bones is about two friends who knew each other when they were younger. One grew up to be a cop, the other was a deliquent/highschool dropout who is working at a noodle shop. Apparently, Manabu (cop) has always admired, and viewed Yuji as a big brother. But because Yuji felt that they both grew up differently, He told Manabu to stop living in the past and move on with his life. He later on regretted telling Manabu that, and explained to him that when he was younger he was sent to a deliquent hall. Manabu didn’t care because he believes that everyone changes when they grow up. He then explained  to Yuji, that he grew up to be gay, and he never stopped loving him.

Conclusion: I actually liked this manga very much. Most of the time, I’m turned off by Yaoi that is only sex based. In Hey, Sensei, there was more of a story then there was senseless sex. I especially enjoyed the second story and found it to be quite sweet. If you’re looking for something that is a good read, and you don’t mind the controversy of a student/teacher relationship, then by all means picked up this book.

Overall Grade: B