Hitman: Reborn! Vol. 1

Warning!!!! Reading this blog will lead to some spoilers!!! So beware if you wish to continue!

Hitman Reborn vol. 1Summary: Junior high student Tsuna is a failure at school, sports, and social life. He needs a mafia hit man tutor like he needs a hole in the head… and he’s about to get both! When Reborn, a fedora-wearing, gun-toting toddler, arrives and says he’s come to groom Tsuna for future as boss of an Italian organized crime family. Tsuna is more than a little skeptical. But Reborn may have the “magic bullet” necessary to turn Tsuna’s life around!

Review: For the longest time, I always wanted to picked up this series. But for all the wrong reasons of course. I can’t deny that I have an urge to hug all fedora-wearing, gun-toting babies. Not to mention, babies dress as cows that shoot bazookas, this manga pretty darn awesome. I practically laughed out loud at every other page (on the bus, in fact, so I know people probably think I’m crazy. lol.)

The story starts off with the introduction of our main hero, Tsuna. He’s really not a hero, he rather a down on his luck type of guy. He’s no good at education, sports, and definitely not at picking up girls. In comes, Reborn, a live-in tutor that Tsuna’s mom hires for him. But there’s a twist, Reborn is actually a baby! Not only that, he’s also the number one assassin for the Vongola family. It turns out that Reborn was hired to train Tsuna into a 10th generation mafia boss, much to Tsuna’s dismay. 

Another quirky addition to this story, is that Reborn uses bullets called” deathperation” which depending on where it’s shot at, allows the individual to display amazing abilities. In this volume, Tsuna gets hit in the head, which turns him to a desperate, superhuman version of himself. The funny thing about it is that every time a bullet is shot, Tsuna gets half naked. This caused him to be seen as a pervert. lol.

A bunch of colourful characters are introduced this volume, such as Gokudera, who’s a dynamite expert, and personally one of my favourites, Lambo who use the 1o year bazooka to switch places with his older self. 

Conclusion: I love this manga! the story is cute, funny and there’s definitely a lot of action involved. I practically laugh out loud at Reborn’s and Lambo’s relationship with each other, because Reborn doesn’t associate himself with small-time assassins. Which means, Lambo is 95% ignored at all times. lol. I have up to volume 8 of this series, so expect more reviews coming soon!

Overall Grade: A