Just Around the Corner (Yaoi)


Summary: Kiriya, reeling over a break-up, wonders if life is worth living, Yuuya wallows in his own self-pity after receiving news that his career as a pianist is over. In the middle of a busy intersection, Yuuya witnesses a despondent stranger walk into oncoming traffic, and pulls Kiriya to safety. Is this life-saving meeting fate or mere coincidence? As Kiriya and Yuuya bond through their shared unhappiness, a physical relation develops. Can the two heal each other’s wounds? Or will desire grown from raw emotion only end up hurting them more?

Review: The reason why I decided to buy this manga was because of the fact that I saw the word pianist in the summary. I’m not going to lie, any manga or books that I see that has to do with piano or music, I tend to pick up. The reason for this is because I also play the piano. But boy was I duped! There were barely any piano scenes at all in this manga! Nevertheless, It was definitely a good read.

One night, as Yuuya was walking on a sidewalk, his shoulder accidentally brushes Kiriya, who was crying because of his recent break up. As Kiriya was about to walk into oncoming traffic, Yuuya pulls him to safety. Afterwards they spent a hot “night” together. After this event, every weekend Yuuya and Kiriya would spend time together doing what they do….best. Lol. One day Kiriya confesses that his friend hooked him up with a temporary job and because of that he will be seeing less of Yuuya.

The next morning, Yuuya wakes up and goes to high school to realize that Kiriya’s new temporary job was his math teacher! Kiriya being furious at the fact that Yuuya lied to him about his age, started to ignore him. He also believe that their huge age difference wouldn’t work for their relationship. But after constantly begging to get back together, Yuuya and Kiriya then embark on a second chance. But their happiness was short lived because, later on a teacher catches them in an intimate hug, and fires Kiriya. Two months after being locked in a bird’s cage, Yuuya finally meets Kiriya again. Kiriya then told him that the only way that they can get back together, is that Yuuya has to become a man. One year later, Yuuya got into a University where Kiriya is teaching at. Yuuya, who fulfilled Kiriya’s condition, finally got back together with Kiriya and lived happily ever after.


Conclusion: At first, I wasn’t expecting a teacher + student relationship, I mean they never even mention anything in the summary! So I was surprised by that bit. The sex was tasteful, and no human organs could be seen (which I was relieved). All in all, this was an excellent read!

Overall Grade: B+