Kodocha vol. 1

kodocha1Warning!!!! Reading this blog will lead to some spoilers!!! So beware if you wish to continue

What’s on the back: Kodocha is a smash-hit comedy series from Japan about what happens when child star Sana Kurata tries to “fix” the problems of everyone around her. And there are a lot of problems to solve. Her classroom’s overrun by bullies, her teacher’s being blackmailed, and the girls live in terror, all because of the tyrannical rule of the demon child Akito Hayama. There’s going to be a Rumble in the Jungle Gym when these two strong personalities collide.

Review: Last May I went to a convention and found the whole set of Kodocha for less than 30 dollars….and quickly grab them. I must have struck gold because Kodocha has been long out of print. Kodocha is actually a really cute manga. I think it’s more targeted towards kids under the age of thirteen, regardless it’s actually quite a fun read.

Kodocha tells the story of a child star name Sana. Sana acts in a show called “Kodocha” which translate to Child’s Toy. The show is usually placed in a school setting. In real life, the school she goes to is a nightmare. Her classroom is terrorized by a group of bullies led by Hayama, which Sana nicknames a demon child. Sana tries very hard to keep things under control in her class, but she finds it hard to achieve since even their teacher is being blackmailed by the group of bullies. Eventually, Sana takes an embarassing photo of Hayama, and blackmails him into controlling the group of bullies.

Kodocha is actually filled with a lot of amusing characters. Right now my favourite is her Mother. Her Mother is actually quite a strange character. She works as a famous writer, but at the same time she wears a squirel in her head. She normally pops up in the story and offers comic relief. Sana’s manger Rei (which Sana calls her gigolo) is also another character that is linked to Sana. We don’t know much about him yet. But according to the Author’s blurbs, we will learn about him more, in the next volume.

For a manga that is written in the 90s, the art is pretty nice. Sometimes I have trouble adjusting to older mangas, but with Kodocha, I wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The humour is well written as well. I also enjoy reading the author’s blurbs, because the author is quite amusing.

Final Thoughts: Kodocha is definitely a shoujo classic. It offers a lot of comic relief, which I actually laugh out loud from. The characters are quirky but at the same time, really fun. I don’t know what direction this manga is going, but I will definitely keep reading.

Overall Grade: B+