Maid War Chronicle Vol. 1

maid-war-chronicle-manga-volume-1-coverWhat’s on the back: When the kingdom of Arbansbool is invaded, the prince escapes with a handful of his closest attendants. But these aren’t just any attendants. They’re all maids whose job is to pour tea, not raise an army and help the prince reclaim his throne. Now chief maid cacao Sardonyx and her five colleagues must take up arms and save a kingdom in this skirt-slashing, tea-spilling epic!

Review: You know when it’s obvious that a book is written for a male audience? When every other page is filled with fan service, and a kid who’s practically a pervert. Even though Maid War Chronicle is a harem manga aimed at guys, I guess I could say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The premises of the story is good, but with so many fan service scenes, I’m a bit turned off.

A young prince recruits beautiful/exotic girls to be his maids. The maids are actually named after different sweet liquors such as: Cacao, Vanilla, Mint, etc. They’re a weird bunch I must say. One use to work in a circus, one’s a book worm, and another is an exotic girl from some island. They all have one thing in common though (except fo Cacao), they all kind of worshipped the prince, who’s totally a pervert. I’m not surprised that his kingdom got invaded. It seems to me, that the prince is more into skirt chasing, the governing a kingdom.

Art wise, Ran Sensei’s art is very similar to Ken Akamatsu, who’s the mangaka for Negima and Love Hina. Which is not surprising, since he drew the art for Mao-Chan, which is a collaboration between Akamatsu and Ran. Visually the art is very apealling but there’s nothing really special about it.

Final Thoughts: Regardless of all the fanservice, the story itself isn’t half bad. Towards the end of the volume, I enjoyed the story a little bit more. The manga moved from a fan service direction, to a more of an action/adventure direction. It’s too early to judge if the manga is going to be any good. But from what I see, it might be a little bit better in the next volume. Plus, the thing about me is, that I never ever drop a series. Curse my habits. lol

Overall Grade: C –