Sea View (yaoi)

seaview21Summary: Kei’s Grandfather is a well-known architect, and the young boy cherishes every letter from his beloved relative….until the notes suddenly stop. Now, Kei must visit his grandfather’s distant island home and solve the mystery for himself! Upon arriving, he meets the shy and aloof Michiru, a serious student at the school where Kei’s grandfather once taught. Michiru may have the answers to Kei’s burning questions…but will he cooperate? Can these two young men follow the clues and find their vanished hero?

Review: In atempt to tackle the yaoi genre one book at a time, Sea View was my first stop and I have to admit, I enjoyed reading it.  Sea View consists of two stories that focuses not on the romance of two men, but rather their relationship with each other.

Sea View, the title story, was probably my favourite of the two. Kei who missed his grandfather, and wondered what happened when his grandfather stopped sending notes, went to school on the island where his grandfather lived in order to find him. He then meets Michiru, a reclusive brilliant architect student who seems to know more about Kei’s grandfather dissappearance then he lets on. The story continues with Kei finding out the truth about his grandfather’s disappearance and the role that Michiru played in it.

Thou of the Blossoms, the second story, was a bit more slow than the first, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. The basis permises of the story is about a photographer who wished to take pictures of a famous garden, and the person who owns the garden. 

Conclusion:  This is a great manga for those who are trying to enter the Yaoi scene. With not much romance or sex scenes between two men, it focuses more on the relationship between each other. I will definitely be on the look out for more Yaoi mangas like these.

Overall Grade: B+