Tail of the Moon Vol. 1

TAILOFMOON1What’s on the back: Usagi is the granddaughter of the leader of a prestigious ninja village, but she’s such a klutz that she’s never made it out of the kiddie class. Fustrated with Usagi’s lack of progress, her grandfather sends her to marry Lord Hanzo and have lots of ninja babies. But the lord has no interest in her or her childbearing potential.

The path of love is never easy, and Usagi has some unexpected competition. It seems that another ninja clan wants to welcome Lord Hanzo into the family, and they’ve sent the beautiful and talented Yuri to win herself a wedding. Usagi won’t be daunted by her rival’s looks and skills, but will Lord Hanzo’s secret feelings for an off limits princess be enough to send her away in despair?

Review: Tail of the Moon has been one of those manga that I have always wanted to pick up, but never did, because something else would catch my eyes. Now that it’s completed, I’m more than ever encouraged to pick up this series. The first volume was better than I expected.

Usagi is basically a silly girl. She practically sucks at everything she does, ninja related. Hence the reason why she is still stuck in the kiddie class. Fustration caused her grandfather to send her off to marry Lord Hanzo, who happens to be one of the most talented Ninja in the Iga clan. Her mission is to bear a lot of children, but at this rate it seems like that would never happen. Usagi fails to capture Hanzo’s attention, and also has competition among other ninja girls who wants to marry Hanzo. As this volume stands, Hanzo has no interest in marrying anyone because he still loves a princess who belongs to his cousin Hanzou.  We get to learn a little about Hanzou and Sara’s relationship in this volume. Hanzou’s father refused to accept his relationship with Sara because she’s a daughter to his enemy.

Hanzo lets Usagi stay at his place, on one condition. She must earn her ninja qualification in six months. But at this point is she capable of even achieving that at her state? The volumes ends off with Hanzo kicking Usagi out, and Usagi running home.

I like the contrast between Usagi and Hanzo. Usagi, even though she’s a bit ditzy when it comes to being a ninja, tries very hard to earn her qualifications in order to marry Hanzo. Even though Hanzo, has no intention of marrying Usagi, he gives her guidance in order to train her to become a ninja. Regardless of the fact that he might marry her. I don’t know if Hanzo and Usagi are going to become a good couple, but chances are, Hanzo’s going to fall for Usagi’s sincerity in trying to please him.

I have nothing complain about the art. Nothing really stands out about it except for the fact that it’s easy to understand what’s going on. To me it’s just typical Shoujo art that you see in most shoujos.

Final Thoughts: Tail of the Moon, was a fun, light hearted read that is good for those lazy afternoons. There are some laugh out loud moments, but besides from that, nothing really stands out. I’m still kind of eager to continue reading in order to see if Usagi succeeds in capturing Hanzo’s heart.

Overall Grade: B –