Trinity Blood Vol. 6

51VF3Qn4yEL__SL500_AA240_Summary: Sister Esther and Abel finaly reconcile in the after math of Radu’s devestating attack. As Ion slowly recovers and copes with his best friend’s betrayal, the party finally reaches the capital of the Methuselah Empire…. only to discover that even within the glorious city, they are anything but safe!

Review: I come to enjoy this story quite a bit. At first I was a bit skeptical about this story, because it seems so out of my element because normally, I perfer to read things closer to the shoujo side of manga. lol. After  a lot of begging and nagging, I finally cave in and started reading it.

In this volume, we get to see Esther and Abel reconciling. In the last volume, Esther sees Abel in his Crusnik form, and got terrified. I actually perfer him in his crusnik form because he just seems so much cooler. lol. There was also a pretty epic scene involving a priest floating in the scene. lol. He was just floating there, pass out, until Abel, Ion and Esther saved him. lol. I had to lol at that part.

Is it me or is the majority of men in this story happen to be bishounen? As the story continues, I happen to become the fan of Ion, who is just too kawaii to talk about. lol When Ion confessed his love for Esther, I just had to giggle. lol.

Now to get back into track, this volume involves a big scandal. Ion was charged with the murder of his grandmother, which he didn’t commit. The Queen, who somehow knew about this, asked her aide, Lady Astharoshe to house the Abel and his crew. There seems to be some kind of organization that is set on destroying something. What that something is, I’m not quite sure yet. But we do know that Radu, Ion’s best friend/traitor was involved with this organization.

Conclusion: I have quite a few more volumes of this series, in my to read pile. So expect to see quite a few more reviews about Trinity Blood coming your way.

Overall Grade: B