Venus Capriccio Vol. 1

VenusCapriccio1Warning!!!! Reading this blog will lead to some spoilers!!! So beware if you wish to continue.

What’s on the back: Takami is tall, attractive, and funny. But when one more guy she was interested in dumps her, she’s at her wit’s end to figure out what she’s doing wrong. Maybe it’s because she’s interested in the wrong kind of guys — boys who want their girlfriends to act more “girly” than Takami. So she turns to her music prodigy friend Akira for support. They’ve known each other since they started taking piano lessons as kids. Will their long time connection develop into something more than friendship?

Review: The reason I picked up Venus Capriccio vol. 1 was because it had something to do with music. I’m a sucker for music related manga because I spent most of my life playing the piano. Truth be told, music doesn’t really play a big role in this manga, but its presence is definitely there. Venus Capriccio’s main heroine Takami, is tall, attractive and funny. She gets asked out on a lot of dates, but her relationships with men never last past a date. The reason behind this is because she is a Tomboy and lacks feminity. Her mother was worried about her only daughter being influence by too much testerone (she only has brothers) enrolled her in Piano school, in order for her to be more like a girl. There she meets Akira who is a prodigy at Piano. He also happens to be a couple of years younger than her.

Time passes by, and Takami learns to see Akira as a little brother. But Akira doesn’t see her like that. Throughout the volume it’s very obvious that Akira likes Takami. But Takami was ignorant of Akira’s feeling until near the end of the volume. What really makes this Manga stand out from other shoujos is the difference in age between the two main characters. Normally what you see and find in a Shoujo, is that the main guy character is always older than the heroine. But in Venus Capriccio, Takami is two or three years older than Akira. I was a little shock at this revelation at first, but then I started to find this concept really refreshing. It’s nice to see a little change in shoujo once in a while.

The story itself, is very cute. Normally, if I like a manga, I could read it in one sitting. But if I dislike a manga, it normally takes me a couple of sitting to finish a volume. For Venus Capriccio, it only took me one sitting. The art, story and also the personality of the  characters makes it such a fun and addictive read.

Final Thoughts: Venus Capriccio is meant for someone who’s looking for something different apart from the usual shoujo. It’s definitely has a lot of the things i look for in a manga such as music. I’m definitely excited to read the next volume.

Overall Grade: B