Your & My Secret Vol. 2



Summary:  When Akira Uehara, overlooked because he doesn’t open his mouth, and Nanako Momoi, looked over until she opens her mouth, switch bodies, they find their new selves surprisingly comfortable. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones. Akira and Nanako’s pre-swap best friends are now drawn to them post-op. And they want to spend the night! Akira and Nanako will have to do more than just tango in this volume of You & My Secret!

Review: This was probably one the funniest and most random manga I have ever read in my life. Ai Morinaga is a talented mangaka, so I’m dying to see what her other series are like. I’ve realized that lately I have been enjoying quite a few gender-bender stories, such as Coffee Prince (Korean drama), Hana-Kimi (Japanese Drama, that I’ve just completed.) and now You’re & My Secret.

During a trip to Okinawa (that Senbongi has won), funny antics occurred. There was a scene where Momoi (who’s in Akira’s body) catches a glimpse at Senbongi’s private parts, and begs him to let her see it again. Momoi also warns Akira (who’s in Momoi’s body) to not do any funny business with Shiina, who happens to be Momoi’s girlfriend. She warns Akira, that if something happens with Shiina, she will do bad things to Senbongi, and that he will regret it. Stuff accidentally happened with Shiina, and Momoi happens to see it. Momoi (who’s in a guy’s body) ran towards Senbongi and started to force herself on him. It was noted that Senbongi’s virginity is still intact….lol.

Another major event is that Senbongi overhears Akira and Momoi’s conversation, and learns that they have switch bodies.

During this volume, it has become clear that Momoi prefers being a guy. But as time passes on, Akira feels like he needs to become a boy one again because he felt that he is suddenly having girly intuitions…which is kind of true, since he does make a better girl than Momoi will ever be. Lol


Conclusion: This volume, has made my morning. This is one of the few manga that I laugh out loud at. The scene where Momoi forces herself on Senbongi, cracked me up. The plot didn’t move, and Grandpa never showed up, but it was still one great volume. The Illustration of Grandpa at the end, was one of the funniest I ever saw.

Overall Grade: A