Zombie Loan Vol. 2

ZOMBIELOAN2What’s on the back: Three classmates who make their living (literally!) by acting as agents of the Z Loan office and dispatching zombies, Chika Akatsuki, Shito Tachibana, and Michiru Kita are hot on the trail of an elusive psychopath know as “The Butterfly.” But as if serial killers and zombies weren’t enough to worry about, poor Michiru’s barely had a chance to get used to her new digs, her new life…And what’s this? A new Member!? Chika’s friend Shiba joins the teen trio as they solve riddle after riddle and get ever closer to the madman’s lair. Can Michiru survive life as a bounty hunter?

Review: Lately I’d notice that a lot of the things I’ve been reading either deals with vampires, or in this case zombies. Zombie Loan is one of those series I picked up because I thought it would be interesting. Plus, Peach-Pit is a famous mangaka from what I’ve heard.

Chika and Shito are a pair of guys who turned into zombies, after dying together in an accident. To once again gain their lives back, they work as agents for the Z Loan office. Michiru, has a special gift, she can see rings around people’s necks. The darker the rings are, the closer they are to death. Michiru ends up dying, and joins Chika and Shito as a team. In this volume, they are joined by Shiba, who’s not dead, but is extremely smart. The team ends up investigating an elusive psychopath known as “The Butterfly.” The Butterfly uses zombies to help him commit crimes. Whenever an evil deed is done, there is always a butterfly left at the crime scene. In the last volume, an undead Sister ends up killing Michiru, hence the reason she’s part of the team now.

Michiru, to me, lacks a presence. I barely notice her throughout the volume because Chika and Shito are such strong characters. Michiru on the other hand, is weak, and lacks confindence. If you haven’t noticed before, I enjoys heroine who are emotionally strong. Michiru wear glasses because she is scared of seeing the rings around people’s necks. I hope in later volumes, she develops as a stronger Character. Chika and Shito hate each other, and don’t really get along. It’s hinted that they may have not known each other during the time when they are alive. They are only linked together because of how they died. I’m interested in knowing a little more about their pasts. I actually like Shiba who strangely reminds me of Light from Death Note. I believe that in terms of brains, Light and Shiba are the same.

Zombie Loan’s art is nothing special. A lot of roughness plus sharp edges can be seen throughout the pages. But to me it seems to go well with the story.  I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because I read a lot of shoujo, but I’m use to clear smooth lines when it comes to the art.

Final Thoughts: I’m not entirely hook on this story yet. But if it gets better in the next volumes, my opinion might change. I’m not really into weak heriones, so right now Michiru is in my bad books. But nevertheless, Zombie Loan isn’t half bad. I’m hoping to see some character developments next round.

Overall Grade: C+