Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright (Official Casebook Vol. 1)

Summary: A manga based on the hit “Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney” game. We are introduced to Phoenix Wright, a man who strikes fear into the hearts of evil doers everywhere. We follow Wright, his assistant Maya, his arch enemy Miles Edgeworth and numerous other characters as they investigate twenty intriguing cases.

Review Those of you who have played any of the Phoenix Wright game, will know how awesome and exciting this game really is. Being a lawyer fanatic that I am, when I heard that there was lawyer based game on the nintendo ds, I immediately when out and purchased it. Let me tell you, I was not one bit disappointed about the game at all. But the manga was another story.

Being a big fan of the game, I decided to pick up the manga. At first I was kind of disappointed that instead of having one mangaka authored the book, each story had a different author. Normally I don’t complain about things like this, but I noticed that the quality of each story in the book wasn’t consistent. I was also unhappy about the fact that the manga strays too far away from the game itself. To me, each story had nothing to do with the premises of solving a case, or being in a trial (those were the things that I liked about the game).  To tell you guys the truth, I found this whole volume to be a bit boring. All of the jokes that were meant to be funny, were in fact not. It took me an entire two days to read this manga, due to the fact that  I would fall asleep halfway through.

Conclusion: If you’re expecting for this manga to live up to the game, you will be highly disappointed. Invest your time and money in the game instead.

Overall Grade: D-